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Review: The Plagues of Kondar

The Plagues of Kondar - Lynne Kositsky

{note: this review contains several small spoilers}


This science fiction story follows young Arien's story after a devastating accident completely upturns her way of life. Blindsided by a neighbor's betrayal, she must come to terms with a new way of life and all the challenges that come along with it.

Arien, a young woman roughly fifteen years old, narrates the story from first person. She makes for a convincing narrator who grows throughout the story. She is genuine and tough, not to mention selfless and admirable in times of great trial.

Arien's world, though, left me perplexed. The first few chapters were peppered with quite a few new words that distracted from the story as opposed to pulling me into it. I found myself confused by the world presented--I never felt as if there was enough information for me to picture it all clearly.

While the pace  eventually quickened to a lively trot, I found the plot to be relatively predictable, and there were quite a few questions I had that were not really addressed. Arien’s telepathy was mysterious, as was her father’s before her, but did it run in their blood? Were they chosen for some reason? I was unsure. The concept of different colored blood based on ancestors was intriguing, but the story of their ancestors’ origins was left out altogether. I had hoped to be immersed in the unique setting of the Planet Kondar, but I was not entirely convinced.

That being said, a reader looking for a quick, light science fiction read featuring a strong, spirited, and determined heroine would definitely enjoy the read.


**note: Thank you to Dundurn and Netgalley for providing a copy for review!

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