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DELIA'S SHADOW -- A Captivating Read Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Delia's Shadow - Jaime Lee Moyer


It's been nine years since the 1906 quake in San Francisco. Delia has been plagued by something more than just the pain of losing her loved ones--a ghost she nicknamed Shadow follows in her wake and grows only stronger as Delia returns to her hometown of the City by the Bay. There, she finds her good and energetic friend, Sadie, preparing for her wedding while tending to her ill and dying mother even as she hatches matchmaking scheme between her fiancé's partner, Gabriel, and troubled Delia. But Shadow has been acting up. The two detectives are entangled in a horrifying case of a serial killer who threatens to murder during the festivities and splendor of the Panama and Pacific Exposition--and even worse--puts those who Gabriel and partner Jack have come to love most in danger.


The main cast of characters are likable and charming. Delia endeavors to be strong, despite her loss and fear of the spirits that haunt her. Her friend Sadie, far from being a beautiful fool, is a dutiful, caring daughter and friend who tries her utmost to make those about her happy. Gabriel does brood somewhat, but given his work it is not difficult to understand why, and his lonesome nature can be traced back to his own tragic loss of years before.


The setting and chosen time drew me in. Delia's Shadow proves that a story set in the twentieth century's formative years does not necessarily have to be set in England to be interesting. The fair of 1915 provides an alluring backdrop for the additions of seances, ghastly spirits, and suspense.


The plot progresses at a steady pace, although I felt as though certain cogs were very easy to predict, and the reveal of the criminal responsible for the grisly crimes did not seem as climactic as I thought I would be. However, the growing love between Gabriel was sweet to read, while the descriptions of San Francisco were enchanting. Ms. Moyer recreates a very tangible world for the reader to enjoy.


This book would appeal to older teens who enjoy historical mysteries, especially ones with a paranormal twist to them. Fans of the show Downton Abbey might like it as well, or readers with a particular interest in the American Edwardians.


I hope to see a sequel from Ms. Moyer hit the shelves soon!


note: I recieved a digital copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for honest feedback.


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